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Portside: How We Rank In Maine's Market

The real estate market in Maine has continued to show strength and resilience. Demand for properties remains high, a strong local economy, and the state's natural beauty. Buyers are attracted to Maine's quality of life, outdoor recreational opportunities, and affordable housing options.

Our agency has maintained an outstanding track record and continues to be a leader in the Maine real estate market. We are proud to share the following accomplishments:

  • Ranked #2 in the State of Maine: Despite intense competition, our agency has secured the second position in terms of overall market share. This achievement reflects our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients place in us.

  • 104% List to Sale Price Ratio: Our dedication to pricing properties accurately and strategically negotiating on behalf of our clients has resulted in an impressive 104% list to sale price ratio. This indicates our ability to maximize returns for sellers in the current market conditions.

  • Leading Brokerage Positions:

    • #1 in Portland: Our agency stands as the top brokerage in Portland. Our market expertise, extensive network, and client-focused approach have allowed us to excel in this highly competitive market.

    • #1 in Bath: In the beautiful coastal town of Bath, our agency has emerged as the leading brokerage. We take pride in serving the local community and helping clients navigate the Bath real estate market successfully.

    • #1 in Cape Elizabeth: Cape Elizabeth, known for its scenic beauty and desirable neighborhoods, has witnessed our agency's prominence as the leading brokerage. Our deep understanding of the area and personalized service have contributed to this achievement.

    • #1 in Kennebunk: Our agency has established itself as the top brokerage in Kennebunk, an appealing town with a vibrant real estate market. Our dedicated team of professionals has facilitated numerous successful transactions in this area.

  • We are happy to announce that one in six homes in Portland were sold by a Portsider. This achievement highlights the trust and confidence homeowners and buyers place in our agency, recognizing our expertise and professionalism.

The real estate market in Maine continues to thrive, and our agency has cemented its position as a leader within the industry. Our second-place ranking in the state, exceptional list to sale price ratio, and top positions in Portland, Bath, Cape Elizabeth, and Kennebunk are a testament to our dedication and expertise. We are committed to serving our clients with integrity, ensuring their real estate goals are achieved, and remaining at the forefront of the ever-evolving Maine real estate market.

modern living room with wood flooring and dining table. Blue filter overlaying image. modern living room with wood flooring and dining table. Blue filter overlaying image. modern living room with wood flooring and dining table. Blue filter overlaying image.

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